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Body Sculpting - Flex Club  

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Welcome to the Flex Club!

Please note the current guidelines to the program.

Now you can earn points each time you register for class, order videos or products, or refer a new member to Body Sculpting. For each dollar you spend on UNDISCOUNTED registrations, you earn one FLEX point. Once you have accumulated 1000 points, you can cash in for free classes or Body Sculpting products. This includes additional free classes, videos, or other Body Sculpting merchandise. Points are retroactive for two years from today's date.

To cash in on your free gift, or to find out how many points you have, you need to email A valid email address which is a condition of this program.  Your email address will not be sold to other companies and is for our use only in contacting you via email.

Here are some FAQ's:

Q: How will I know how many points I have?
A: Clients can obtain their total by emailing

Q: Can I redeem the 1000 points for products only (instead of free classes)?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I give my free month of classes to someone else as a gift?
A: Definitely, as long as they are a new client!

Q: Will Body Sculpting send me a notice to let me know I’ve reached 1000 points?
A: No. Clients will need to check their points by emailing our office.  Once you have accumulated your 1000 points, call us back to cash them in.

Q. Can my free month of classes be used at locations where Body Sculpting does not process its own registration?
A. Unfortunately, no.

Here are the Flex Club point values:

1000 points: one free month of classes at any location where Body Sculpting processes its own registration
700 points: Any DVD

For a complete list of videos, or to view product descriptions, just click on PRODUCTS or VIDEOS.


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