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Corporate Fitness  

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If you are interested in having an on-site fitness program right at work, CLICK HERE.

If you are interested in having your employees attend Body Sculpting exercise classes off-site at any of our 200+ locations throughout northeast Ohio, CLICK HERE.

More and more employers are realizing the big payoffs provided by corporate fitness programs. Reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, reduced health insurance claims, prevented osteoporosis, weight loss and weight maintenance, and better employee morale are just a few of the many positive results from initiating employee wellness and fitness programs.

Body Sculpting is a one-hour strength training fitness program for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. All participants need are a set of 5-pound dumbbells, exercise mat, and a stretch band (available on our website). All classes are taught by Certified Body Sculpting Instructors. 

Body Sculpting by Exterior Designs, Inc.® has been in business for 25 years and is licensed to conduct business in the State of Ohio.  All of our instructors are Certified Weight Trainers and their certification is kept up-to-date at all times. We also carry professional liability insurance in the amount of $3,000,000 which covers us, our instructors and all of our accounts from any accidents, falls, negligence, or claims.

Classes are held twice a week -- either on Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday -- for one-hour each time. We have found after work programs are the most well-attended, however, some companies prefer classes to take place around noon time. We even offer 6 AM classes for the early birds!

Fees are $40 per person (reg. $55) for each eight-class term with a minimum class size of 10 participants. We also offer a retainer arrangement of $500 per month to corporations who would like to offer the program free of charge to their employees (the company picks up the tab). A room large enough to accommodate up to 25 participants is needed such as a vacant office, conference room or cafeteria. The minimum commitment for a company-sponsored program is three months, and fees are payable in advance.

The same off-site corporate discount is available at any of our 150+ locations throughout northeast Ohio. So, if your employees don't want to work out right after work at your place of business, they can attend a Body Sculpting class in their neighborhood and enjoy the discounted class fee of just $40 (reg. $55).  Employees receiving a corporate discount will use their assigned coupon code when registering online or by phone.

If your company is interested in either an on-site program, or off-site discount, fill out one of the applications above, or have your Human Resource Director or Employee Benefits Manager speak to one of our Customer Service team members.  Once we have all the information from you, we'll get started.  We'll provide you with announcements, fliers, email blurbs, and other marketing venues so you can successfully implement this program at your place of business. Just call us at 440-729-FINE (3463) (Cleveland)

For employers wishing to offer a stretching program, we offer STRETCH THIS® - a 30-minute stretching workout.  This program is an ideal way to fully prepare employees' bodies before their shifts start. Companies that have initiated stretching programs onsite have found their employees to have fewer health care claims and they are more productive at work with fewer lower back strains. This is especially true for employees that are required to lift heavy items such as factory, postal or airport workers. 

A Public Performance License (PPL) is required for corporations to play the STRETCH THIS® video or DVD for their employees to exercise along with. The one-time cost for a PPL is $150 per program course.

Here's what a few of our corporate fitness clients are saying about our corporate fitness programs: 

 CUYAHOGA COUNTY: "Our employees love Body Sculpting!"    Rosemarie F. DeJohn. BOCC/Human Resources - Classes held since 1993

EATON CORPORATION: "We're very pleased that our employees are so enthusiastic about the on-site program and have continued to participate in it all this time. They have commented many times about the skill and knowledge of the instructors and the personal attention they receive from them." Classes held since 1992

AMERICAN GREETINGS, started 1991 to present: "The employees who participate are enthusiastic and love the convenience of the on-site classes. You have also made this an easy program to coordinate since your instructors handle all the paperwork. The program speaks for itself regarding the way it makes one look and feel." Classes held since 1991

KENT STATE UNIVERSITY: "I believe that a choice to offer the Body Sculpting program would result in the organization's expectations being met, and I am pleased to be able to recommend them."


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