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Common Questions  

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How many calories does a Body Sculpting™ workout burn? Answer
When can I expect to see results? Answer
What if I have weight to lose? Isn't all this fat going to turn into muscle? Answer
Will I still need to do cardio workouts if I take Body Sculpting™? Answer
What size weights should I bring? Answer
What should I wear? Answer
What can I expect at the first class? Answer
Do I have to be in good shape to enroll? Answer
How do you work the legs if you don't use ankle weights? Answer
If I know I'm going to be missing classes, can I make them up? Answer
What is Body Sculpting™? Answer
I've just had a baby; I have bad knees; I have a bad back... can I take Body Sculpting™? Answer
Will the class start all over again each month? Answer
I'm a senior. Can I take Body Sculpting™? Answer
How is Body Sculpting™ different from other workout programs? Answer
How do I create a customized schedule? Answer
Can clients buy into the 3-month plan after taking classes for one month? Answer
Are the instructors certified? Answer
I have a significant amount of weight to lose. Can I enroll in the Body Sculpting program or do the exercise tapes? Answer
Is Body Sculpting™ safe to do? Answer
How do I register? Answer
I can't find the answer to my question! Answer
What is the refund policy? Answer

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