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Licensing Information  

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If you are interested in becoming a Body SculptingTM Fitness Program Licensee, please click on this online form link.

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Licensing Index
Question Answer
Do instructors need to be certified? Answer
Is the cost of fitness certification training included in my licensing fee? Answer
What other kinds of start-ups costs can I expect? Answer
What exactly is a license? Answer
Can I call my program Body Sculpting? Answer
How much can I make with a minimum investment of time/money? Answer
How much should I pay instructors? Answer
What exactly do I get with the License? Answer
How is a license different than a franchise? Answer
How would I get the specialized fitness training I'd need in order to operate this business? Answer
Could you tell me about the history of your Body Sculpting and its founder? Answer
What kinds of equipment would I need to run this business? Answer
Why would I want to buy a License or a Franchise when I can just invent my own fitness program? Answer
Is this a turnkey operation? Answer
Which of your classes are most popular? Answer
How do I find instructors? Answer
Is there some way I can try the business to see if I like it before completely investing? Answer
I already own a fitness center or dance studio. What would the cost be to add your fitness programs? Answer
What kind of Royalties or Monthly Reporting is due? Answer
How do you get clients to join the program? Answer
How much is the License? Answer
What about professional liability and insurance protection? Answer
I'm currently an instructor. Why would I want to buy a License? Answer
What will I need to do to be successful in this business? Answer
Do I buy all of my fitness supplies from the home office? Answer
After all of this, I'm interested in finding out more. What's the next step? Answer
Will space on your Web site be a part of my package? Answer
How long will it take before I'm up and running? Answer
How many classes should I offer to begin with? Answer
What does the Body Sculpting program offer that makes it different from other fitness programs? Answer
Will you be available to answer additional questions I'll have? Will this cost me anything more? Answer
I'm more of a administrator, can I still be a licensee? Answer
What do I need in order to get started? Answer
Are your programs medically approved or have they been reviewed or approved by anyone? Answer
What kind of support will you offer me? Answer
What kinds of skills would I need to run this business? Answer
Who would make up my target markets? Answer
How do I know what kinds of paperwork I have to file in order to meet my state requirements? Answer
Will you share the benefit of your trial-and-error experiences with me? Answer
I can't find the answer to my question. Answer


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