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Fall/Winter 1999
Your schedule has a new look. In our endeavor to meet ever-increasing client fitness demands, we have expanded our service area to include additional new locations. Our schedules are now divided as follows: Cleveland East (comprising all eastern Cuyahoga suburbs); Cleveland West (comprising all western Cuyahoga suburbs); Cleveland Southwest (comprising all southwestern Cuyahoga suburbs); Summit/Stark/Portage Counties; and Geauga/Lake Counties.
If you would like to receive an additional copy of any schedule not enclosed with your information packet, please call our office and we will be happy to send one out to you.
All of our 200 instructors recently went through a rigid re-certification process. The training they received will ensure uniformity in teaching standards throughout all of our 165 locations in northeastern Ohio. Each instructor was trained in new workout exercises and received our new Stretch Chart, a copy of which will be given to you in class this Fall. We hope you enjoy our new and improved Year 2000 Body Sculpting™ classes and will tell your friends and family the benefits you are seeing from these dynamic new workout classes.
Special Offer This Fall...... When you regi-ster for three months of Body Sculpting™ at the regular $99 rate, you will receive a free Body Sculpting™ "TIME TO FLEX" clock. This offer is only available to clients who register by phone using their Visa or MasterCard. To receive this special Body Sculpting™ Year 2000, limited edition commemorative wall clock, simply mention this offer when registering. Don't hesitate..... this offer ends November 30, 1999 and is valid only while supplies last.
Body Sculpting™ is expanding and we're looking for qualified instructors to teach our programs. We provide a State board-approved training and certification program. All instructors receive FREE Body Sculpting™ classes as part of the amenities package. Please call us to arrange for a personal interview.
Body Sculpting™ vs. Kickboxing:
the truth behind the bow tie

One of the most common questions we are asked is how Body Sculpting™ is better than jazz exercise and cardio kickboxing. Besides the obvious - no dance routines, jumping, wild kicking, jazzing, or embarrassing exercises - strength training, not aerobic exercise, is the most powerful activity in the fat battle.

And besides burning fat, Body Sculpting™ is also the safest - unlike many of these fitness fads. With more than 20 million sports and fitness injuries sustained each year in the U.S. already, we can only assume that number will increase as a result of cardio kickboxing. In fact, many area orthopedics are already concerned that kickboxing may overstress the body's joints and/or cause tendonitis because of its high-impact, repetitive movements.

Upon viewing a class, I found there was so much kicking, jumping and jabbing, the long-term effects of excess wear and tear on the joints was obvious. You be the judge. It is not our position to put down our competition, however, take a moment to review this chart comparing Body Sculpting™ to cardio kickboxing and aerobics. You may want to rethink your exercise program once you know the facts.

COMPARISON CHART Body Sculpting™ aerobics kickboxing
Certified instructors    
Limited class size    
One-on-one instruction    
Prevents osteoporosis    
No impact on joints    
Fast results    
Cardiovascular & strengthening workout    
Increases your metabolism    
Helps you burn calories 24-hours-a-day    
Dance or choreography to learn  
Jumping involved  
High incidence of injury  
For specific questions on this comparison chart, please call our office.

Want To Live Longer? Muscles Are The Answer!!
In 1772, Benjamin Franklin recommended dumbbell training because it contained "a great quantity of exercise in a handful of minutes." This has always been our philosophy here at Body Sculpting™. We want to provide you with the safest and best possible exercise program that takes the least amount of time to do and will help get you in the best shape of your life. Now, in 1999, the JAMA recently published a report stating that senior adults could add 10 years to their life by merely exercising twice a week!!

Just look at the benefits of exercise: gives you more energy, helps in coping with stress, improves your self-image, increases resistance to fatigue, tones your muscles, burns calories to help lose extra pounds and/or helps you stay at your desirable weight, helps control your appetite, helps you to be more productive at work, increases your capacity for physical work, builds stamina for other physical activities, increases muscle strength, improves arthritic conditions, helps your heart and lungs work more efficiently, and ... it makes you look and feel better!!! Let's not forget the most important benefit of Body Sculpting™ and that is strength training is your best defense against developing osteoporosis.

What keeps you healthy? Sweating doesn't keep you healthy. Kicking doesn't keep you healthy. Jumping doesn't keep you healthy. Strong, toned muscles are the key to living longer. And, the more muscle you have, the healthier you'll be!

Body Sculpting™ is a registered trademark of Body Sculpting™ by Exterior Designs, Inc. of Hudson, Ohio. Any usage of this mark in the State of Ohio without our consent is misleading, illegal, and subject to prosecution.

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