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Spring/Summer 2002
Who doesn’t dream about having better-looking legs? Here’s your chance! Just Legs™, Body Sculpting’s™ newest exercise program, is a once-a-week workout that focuses entirely on the lower body. Lunges and squats are the fundamental exercises for great-looking legs, and this 30-minute class concentrates on toning and defining the legs, hips, thighs, gluteals, and calves. There is no aerobics or floorwork, just strength training for fast results! Call the office or log on to to find a Just Legs™ class near you.

Medina County residents can now take advantage of Back-Fit® with Pilates, one of Body Sculpting’s™ newest and most popular fitness programs, as it makes its debut in the Medina area. This once-a-week workout incorporates Pilates-based stretches, physical therapy exercises, and strength training. For information on class sites and times in the Medina County area, call (330) 723-FLEX. For information on Back-Fit® with Pilates in all other areas, call the office or log onto

About two-thirds of the 15 million people in the U.S. with type 2 diabetes are overweight. And that’s good news. That’s because new research suggests that most type 2 diabetes can be treated through diet and exercise. The Harvard School of Public Health says those who are overweight and obese can reduce their risk, just by increasing exercise and eating better. Weight loss is considered the cornerstone of treatment in people with type 2 diabetes since it allows the body to better use insulin, thus lowering blood sugar.

Now it's easier than ever to find a class near you! After you log onto using your user name and password, go to "Build and Print a Customized Schedule". From here, choose the course(s), the specific city or entire region, and the dates you are interested in taking classes. For instance, if you want to find out all the Saturday locations that offer free make-up classes, choose "Body Sculpting™ Saturdays" as the course. After making your location and date choices, click on 'View Schedule' at the bottom of the page. You can also print this customized schedule.


As we all know, the past months have been very stressful. Everyone seems to be glued to the television, waiting for breaking news. You can’t go anywhere anymore without looking over your shoulder or worrying about situations you never would have thought twice about before. Simple tasks such as opening the mail, flying in an airplane, or even walking into a tall building may bring on anxiety.

During these stressful times of war, President Bush wants us to get on with our lives. And that’s exactly what Body Sculpting™ recommends. We need to become stronger through body and mind. A regular exercise program, especially one that includes strength training, is an excellent way to shape up both physically and mentally. Besides giving us more energy, exercise helps us sleep better, reduces anxiety, strengthens the immune system, battles boredom, and helps us to reduce stress overall. Some specific benefits of lifting weights include better concentration, more energy, less fatigue, a positive state of mind, and an increased response time, which makes us alert and ready to act quickly, if needed.

Other hidden benefits of exercise include reducing the risk against developing cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and stroke, while protecting against osteoporosis and some cancers. So what are you waiting for? Pick up those dumbbells and head to your local Body Sculpting™ class. Your body and your mind will thank you!

And to make you even stronger, Body Sculpting™ now offers two new classes, Back-Fit® with Pilates and Just Legs™. Both of these new classes are perfect for adding an additional day to your workout schedule, or they can be taken alone just the one-day-a-week. For more information on any of the Body Sculpting™ fitness programs, log onto


Despite what your grandmother told you, you can't catch a cold from cold weather. However, Americans suffer from over 1 billion colds each year!
Here are 20 ways to help you increase your odds at staying healthy and cold-free:
1. Wash your hands frequently, especially if you shake hands a lot. A quick rinse under water won't do the trick. You need to lather hands with soap for at least 15 seconds, then rinse well.
2. Change your toothbrush often and buy a new one as soon as you are over an illness. Don’t store it in a medicine cabinet or in a toothbrush holder that houses other toothbrushes. Always allow it to air-dry.
3. Wipe down places you touch at work: keyboards, phones (and their cradles), desks, etc. Antibacterial Windex is our favorite.
4. If you are in the kitchen frequently, change your dish cloths daily.
5. Use disinfectant wipes frequently, especially when antiquing or touching objects other people would touch such as display items in stores, gas station pumps, ATM machines, railings, door knobs and handles, light switches, etc. Our favorite: Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.
6. When in crowded rooms or stores, if you notice someone coughing, try not to breathe and walk in the other direction until you are at a safe distance, and then take a breath.
7. Drink plenty of fluids, especially juices containing Vitamin C (preferably freshly-squeezed).
8. Keep your home humidified which helps you breathe easier. Change the filter on a regular basis.
9. To strengthen your immune system, exercise on a regular basis.
10. If you do get sick, you may recover faster if you "sweat it out". Bundle up, wear flannel pajamas, and add a few blankets. Have somebody tuck you in before you go to sleep. The more you sweat, the faster you'll be back on your feet.
11. Protect your kids. Wipe down grocery carts and highchairs at restaurants with disinfecting wipes before plopping down your little ones. Carry your own crayons and avoid the ones on restaurant tables. Avoid indoor public playrooms such as the kind at fast food restaurants. These types of high-traffic areas will carry germs and viruses, making not only your kids susceptible to these illnesses, but parents, too.
12. If you feel a sneeze coming on, grab a tissue, and if time, cover your mouth and turn away from others. Or, cough or sneeze in the bend of your elbow, a technique doctors and nurses are taught. Wash your hands afterward.
13. For those who suffer from allergies that later turn into full blown infections, consider purchasing a dust mite cover for your mattresses and pillows. Washing down the woodwork behind beds and vacuuming under beds will also help control germ-collecting dust.
14. Germs usually affect the hands first. Don't touch your face, bite your fingernails, or wipe your nose with your hand or fingers. Avoid "sealing the deal" with a handshake if a business associate is sick. They'll be understanding.
15. If you share an office with co-workers, try not to share pens, staplers, calculators, and other office supplies with people who are sick. If you have to share these items, wipe them first with a disinfecting wipe. Keep your distance – try not to stand close to someone who is sick.
16. Germs can live up to six hours at a time. Use common sense when touching things, especially salt and pepper shakers at restaurants, menus, and other things. It's always good to carry a fresh handkerchief, napkin or tissue to use to pick up things and to protect you from contaminated surfaces.
17. When in restaurants or movie theatres, don't use straws unless they are individually wrapped. Avoid eating complimentary after dinner mints that are lying in a dish. Also, avoid chip dips. You never know when someone has double-dipped!
18. When using public bathrooms, flush the toilet with your foot. Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards and wipe them with a paper towel. Use this same towel to open the door. Throw the paper towel away as you exit the bathroom.
19. Wear disposable gloves when in doubt about touching or handling something – especially when opening mail or handling money – and wash your hands afterwards.
20. When Old Man Winter Blows, so should you! Before exiting a steamy hot shower, try this: give your nose a good hard blow. This will expel clogged nasal passages, allow sinuses to drain better, and free up air space. It's kind of like deleting those unnecessary temporary internet files from your computer!

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