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Body Sculpting - Detail Page  

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Cost: $19.95    qty:

International Weightlifting Association's® Guide to Proper Weightlifting Techniques Video (VHS)

Video Picture

Learn the correct lifting procedures of 60+ different strength training exercises and stretches. Recommended for physical therapists and personal fitness trainers.

Just don't do it, do it right!

This is the educational training video that is used for strength training certification and continuing education for physical therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapy assistants, and Body Sculpting™ instructors.

This tape is highly recommended to teens that want to learn how to lift weights correctly, or any beginner that wants to learn safe strength training the right way. If you are a golfer, this tape will show you every strength training exercise you can do to improve your golf game, increase the distance in your drive, improve accuracy during putting, and more. If you are a senior, every strength exercise will be shown and fully demonstrated so that you can begin to increase lost strength, improve arthritic conditions, and help ward off osteoporosis. These exercises can also be performed seated in a chair.

If you suffer from a bad back, this tape will teach you all the strength training exercises you should do to rehabilitate, stretch, and improve range of motion. The International Weightlifting Association's® Guide to Proper Weightlifting Techniques is the primary learning tape used to train Golf-Fit®, Back-Fit®, Geri-Fit®, and Teen-Fit® instructors and licensees nationwide.

Over 60 strength training exercises are fully explained and demonstrated using a set of 5-pound dumbbells. Approximately 10 repetitions are performed for each exercise. Modifications and training tips are included with each verbal explanation.

Whether you are new to strength training and want to learn how to lift weights correctly, a personal fitness trainer trying to gain more knowledge, an aerobics instructor that wants to add weight training to your routines, or a Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, or Occupational Therapist, this video is for you. It is highly recommended to teens that want to learn how to lift weights correctly, or any beginner that wants to learn strength training the right way.

This tape was reviewed and approved by the American Council on Exercise, The National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. It has been approved in 15 states by the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Boards for continuing education requirements for PT's, OT's and PTA's.

Some of the exercises demonstrated on this tape are: Squats (all variations), Lunges (all variations), Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Dumbbell Row, Upright Row, Bent Over Row, Lateral Raise, Frontal Raise, Arnold Press, Triceps Extensions, One-Arm Triceps Extensions, Kickbacks, Bicep Curls (several variations), Crunches, Reverse Crunches, Pulses, Abdominal Pressups, Pushups (all variations), Dumbbell Flye, Dumbbell Press, Oval Flye, Dumbbell Pullover, complete strength training stretches for prior lifting and post lifting, and many, many more. Spotting and cueing is included to insure safety and correct lifting movements. Everything you have ever wanted to know about weight training and strength training is in this video!

More info:

  • Fitness Level: All fitness levels from beginner to advanced
  • Exercise Time: 65 minutes
  • Warm-up stretches: 7 minutes
  • Strength training: 50 minutes
  • Abdominal and chest segment: 8 minutes
  • Impact: No Impact, no jumping
  • Weight training choreography: No basic knowledge required
  • Equipment needed:
    • A set of 5-pound dumbbells (each), or barbell, if desired
    • A towel or stretch band (for stretches)
    • An exercise towel or mat to lay on during chest and abdominal portions, or a weight bench or step
    • A water bottle
  • Video Comparison: No other instructional video to compare to. Highly instructional exercise video. This video will come packaged in a plain, white sleeve.

For best results, use this exercise video with WEIGHTS® III- the advanced circuit.... see video reviews at , and/or LEG ENHANCEMENT- two, 30-minute thigh, glutes, and hip shaping workouts, and/or WEIGHTS® II - our intermediate strength training workout. Supplement any of these videos, or use as a workout by itself, with PHENOMENAL ABDOMINALS® - an intense, 30-minute workout for the upper, lower and sides of the waist. If you are a senior, it's never too late to get in shape with Geri-Fit® - the First Workout with Weights for Older Adults. If you have never lifted weights before, or don't know how to do a Lunge, Squat, Triceps Extension, or Dumbbell Row with perfect form, learn the basics of strength training with the beginner tape, WEIGHTS® I - the Ultimate Body Sculpting™ workout. And for those of you that enjoy a nice long stretch, try STRETCH THIS® - a 30-minute stretching workout that incorporates the best from pilates, yoga, tai chi and ballet.

ll of these workout videos are medically approved and doctor-recommended.

If you currently exercise using the Body Sculpting by Exterior Designs Inc.'s® fitness videos, learn the how-to's of these exercises the way that fitness experts, physical therapists, and personal fitness trainers learn them!



* All video sales are final and are non-refundable. Exchanges will be made on defective merchandise only within 30-days from the invoice date.
* When placing an order for multiple items that include oversize or heavy products (such as mats and weights), or for certain out-of-state orders, shipping and handling costs are estimates only. We will contact you if there will be any additional shipping and handling fees prior to fulfilling your order.


Body Sculpting